Watercolor Portrait Demonstration
Le Haillan March 28, 2009


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The audience is deeply absorbed, as are the artist and the model...

portrait demo le Haillan 2009 -1

Using a direct approach and applying mid values and darks in one go, the painting  progresses across, starting from a point of interest (an eye here) where extreme value contrast can be found.

The darker darks thus applied early serve as a reference for the rest of the painting.

luefrom  portrait demo le Haillan 2009 - 2

The model smiles as the session is nearly over...

portrait demo le Haillan 2009 - 3

Françoise Fourteau - Labarthe
Le Haillan  march 28, 2009.

Françoise, who kindly posed for this demo, is also a painter and teaches watercolor in the Bordeaux region

Francoise, portrait demo le Haillan 2009 - 3



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