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Villard sur Doron

Villard sur Doron

    Lueur du soir sur Paladru    

Late afternoon in Paladru

    Angles sur Anglin    

Angles sur l'Anglin
on sketch book

 Description of the Workshop which will be held in Saint Égrève

July Saturday 4 and Sunday 5


All students with a prior painting experience, even if new to watercolor, are welcome.

The main theme is landscape but the principles studied apply to all subject matters.

The goal is to share with you what are the keys to full of light and life, expressive paintings.


Workshop schedule :

During the mornings, through simple exercises,  we will works on how to look at and simplify the subject, with a special emphasis on values.

We wil then look into how to use watercolor techniques to capture the subject while staying true to our emotions.

After a demo, during the afternoon you will try to complete a painting, while I'll help each participant with their work. 

N.B. : We will not paint outside during this workshop.

Practical informations :

Where ? Dedicated room near the salon venue in château Borel and Maison Borel,  36 avenue Général de Gaulle, 38120 Saint-Egrève.  

When ?  From 9 am to 5 pm, lunch break on site (you  bring your own packed lunch, but nearby restaurant also possible at your own choosing).

Price : 130 euros for the 2 days. (Accomodation, meals and transportation not included).

Suggested material and equipment for the workshop.

Registration Form.

Any question ? Send me an e-mail to

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